Stirling Engine Generator

If you’re looking to buy a Stirling engine generator, there are several models commercially available on the market. I’m going to list the main ones.

The ST-5 Engine, produced by Stirling Technology, Inc.



• Power Output — 3700 Watts (5 HP)

• Speed — 650 rpm

• Thermal efficiency — 10%

• Fuel — wood, wood pellets, husks and chaff, weeds and hay, cotton waste, other agro-products, and natural gas

• Cost — unknown, contact dealer

• Comments — waste heat can be utilized for crop drying, greenhouse heating, and home cogeneration

For additional information see

The PowerUnit, produced by Stirling Biopower



• Power Output — 43 kW (58 HP) at 60 Hz, 38 kW (51 HP) at 50 Hz

• Thermal efficiency — 27-28% electrical efficiency, and 75-80% when used in combined heat and power mode

• Fuel — biogas (methane, flare gas, synthetic gas, hydrogen, volatile organic compounds), biomass, liquid fuel, and hot air streams

• Cost — $1218/kW

For additional information see

WhisperGen on-grid/off-grid system, produced by WhisperGen Heat And Power System



• Power Output — 1000 Watts (1.3 HP) on-grid system, 800 Watts (1.1 HP) off-grid system

• Thermal efficiency — 15% electrical efficiency, and 90% when used in combined heat and power mode

• Fuel — diesel, kerosene, natural gas

• Cost — $5,000-10,000, an estimate

For additional information see

Genoa Stirling Engine, produced by Genoastirling s.r.l.


• Power Output — Three models currently available for sale: 350 Watts (0.5 HP), 1000 Watts (1.3 HP), 3000 Watts (4 HP)

• Speed — 600 rpm

• Thermal efficiency — unknown, contact dealer. Can be used in combined heat and power mode

• Fuel — gas, pellets, wood, wood chips

• Cost — $11,000 for 350 Watts (0.5 HP) model, $16,500 for 1000 Watts (1.3 HP) model, $19,300 for 3000 Watts (4 HP) model (ref: — prices based on exchange rate on Feb 02, 2011

• Comments — The engines are prototypes made for educational and development use and are sold for these and similar uses

For additional information see

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51 Responses to Stirling Engine Generator

  1. Poul Emil Poulsen says:

    Dear friend i am very interessseret in a big Stirling Generator for my company from 10 – 200 kW

  2. R.Stamm says:

    Dear emil Poulsen
    togheter with rob Litzouw i have made a Stirling engine of about
    200 KW sadly it is broken during testing but we have a film of it working
    and of course learnd a lot. We are able to make a stirling engine
    in sise from 5-500kw. (3/6 cylinder type)however that will take some time and is very costly since we make them by hand exept for the screws
    we will publish said film on youtube soon.Currently we are interested
    in using the stirling cycle in producing liquid air.

  3. jthudgens says:

    Can you give us a price quote for 250KW+ Stirlings? Ideally we need 1MW+ engines and up if you can do these.

    Regards, Tom Hudgens

  4. admin says:

    Tom, I’m not aware of any commercially available Stirling generators with a power output of 250kW+ or 1MW+

    However, the kind of power you’re asking for would be available with gas generators (which can run on either natural gas or other combustible gases, such as biogas).

    Here’s a link to GE’s Jenbacher Gas Engines, if you want to know more:

  5. ale says:

    Thanks for this rundown. I’m going to call around to see if a human being will tell me a price. I am looking for something like the ST-5, but I really only need about 1hp, got any ideas on the cost of such a thing? I’m going off-grid and use very little electricity as it is, less than 200wH/day. My sense is with one golf cart battery with accessories, a small stirling, and fuel from the woodlot or a fresnel lens, I’d be much better off than with PV — seeing as I’m dirt poor and in a cloudy-in-winter locale! I’d like to see if this is a good option for others like me — time and timber, but no money. Does anyone know of a ~1-5 hp internal combustion engine that could use natural gas for electricity generation?

  6. admin says:

    The WhisperGen is the only 1 hp (give or take) Stirling generator I’ve seen. It costs a few thousand dollars. You might be able to use wood with it, as long as you combine it with a gasifier-burner unit, which converts biomass (which is wood in this case) to a combustible gas for use with the WhisperGen.

    I think modifying an internal combustion engine (that normally runs on gasoline) to run on natural gas is not a big deal.

  7. roy murray says:

    i have about 5 acres of woodland and i’m thinking about chopping down some wood and chipping it for a wood boiler for heating a swimming pool and house. in addition i thought it would be good to use the surplus heat to run a stirling engine and in turn produce electricty making me self sufficient. in the uk any surplus electricty can be sold to the grid. can anyone give me an idea of the cost of a stirling engine and generator to produce say 50kw? also i may try and buy 4 -10 acres of poorer land and plant trees in order to cover my carbon footprint. roy

  8. Gail says:

    Can the Whispergen be modified for solar?
    Where does one go to buy it?

  9. admin says:

    You should be able to buy the WhisperGen through, and ask for a dealer nearest you.

    I don’t know that it can be easily modified for solar, as that would probably involve a different heater design; something that can receive incoming solar radiation in an efficient way. But I’m sure there is a way to do it, starting with a different heater design, probably similar to Stirling Energy Systems design (

  10. JL4065 says:

    For point of reference, I was quoted a price of $40,000 for the ST-5 unit from their supplier in Japan, which is the only source into the US. for roughly 3 kW output, this is rather pricy.

    Infinity turbine organic rankine cycle units rated at 10 kW are billed at $20,000, although you need heat exchangers to heat a fluid.

    for larger capacity systems, the Turboden units from Italy may offer some advantage…

  11. Madhav Chowdhary says:


    I am pleased to inform you that we can supply Solar Concentrator powered Stirling Engines system.

    Please ref to info at


    Madhav Chowdhary

    SWEE Technologies

    Pune (india)

    Mobile: +91-9623557207


  12. Sam Weaver says:

    We have an operating Stirling engine at 2kW, intended for solar thermal and waste heat thermal inputs. We have hit 16.5% thermal to electrical conversion efficiency at 220C hot side temperature, 10C cold side. We are finalizing our 2.5kW unit design, and hope to have 10 pilot units beginning installation by early 2011.

    Pricing is to be determined, based on the final 2.5kW design and contract manufacturer bids.

  13. Sam Weaver says:

    The website for Cool Energy, making the 2.5kW low-to-medium temperature Stirling engine is

  14. lorenzo says:

    Pensez vous que l’on puissent faire marché un bateau de cette façon, si tel est le cas pouvez vous me dire ou je peux me renseigner pour un telle installation ?

  15. marc says:

    i was wandering if the stirling generator could work with HHO
    and the power of the generator would be bigger than the
    energy needed to make the HHO?

    Regards Marc

  16. Bel Ola says:

    Does this technology work, or is it a scam like the Infinity Turbine. A conman named Greg Giese runs several company fronts as part of the Infinity Turbine fraud. We need to rid the industry of crooked companies like Infinity Turbines.

  17. Jalal ud Din says:

    I have almost read all the comments posted by friends around the world. As there is shortages of fossil fuels and everyone is looking into clean and safe energy source which is obviously electricity, but there are still hurdles in regeneration of electricity while wandering around, So if stilrling engine is design not to use temperature difference but magnets ( especially mentioning Neomagnets or Super magnets), then would it bring the desireable results? I have not tried it as due to financial problems. But would some one do that for the better future of our coming generation and to halt the invasion of Big Companies.

    Waiting for replys from Freinds around the Globe.

  18. Viggo Høy says:

    Wher can I buy WhisperGen on-grid/off-grid system?


  19. Planet Police says:

    In regard to Infinity Turbine scam, Greg Giese has not yet claimed to have invented the Stirling Engine, but the conman has claimed most other technologies as his own.

  20. Penny says:

    Hi guys,

    I hope you could help me out. I am working on a concept design for a Cogeneration plant. I have gas enginators producing an output of about 4MWe.

    I have alot of heat from the engines and thinking of installing a sterling engine to use the extra heat output. Since, there is VERY limited information online on sterlings, could you guys give me a rough estimated cost on two 50kW sterling engines. Also details about maintenance cost would be great.


  21. Chandra sekar suresh kumar says:

    Hi, Could you please let me know upto how much power Stirling engines are in commercial market, can we get for house ( domestic) application upto 10kw in India.

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  23. I would like to cooperate with company on development of new Stirling engine, simple, cheap, powerfull version of Stirling, brand new concept, my invention is in progress, I would work with team of experts to build the Stirling engine of 21th century.
    This new concept of Stirling engine has a great potencial and we will develop it together, only team of expert can do this work.
    We could start with small steps, on begining the risk is higher, but we could start with 50.000 euros.
    Here is the e-mail of inventor :

  24. In regard to Infinity Turbine scam, Greg Giese has not yet claimed to have invented the Stirling Engine, but the conman has claimed most other technologies as his own.

    planetpolice, planetpolice, you are not doing yourself any favours. greg’s system is one of many “waste heat recovery” systems that does not have to be spectacularly efficient, because, duh, it’s waste heat. the thermal differential is very small in these “waste heat” recovery turbines – in the case of the unit designed by greg, the input temperature can go up to about 140C and the output temperature about 30C. that means that it can at best be about 18% efficient. greg’s unit is, i believe, actually about 11% efficient. so the question you have to ask yourself is: why are you criticising something that’s designed for a completely different purpose from what is being discussed, here?

  25. Hold on there says:

    In regard to Infinity Turbine scam mine is going to work just fine. Don’t know why you don’t think it will.

  26. gerold telgt says:

    i like to buy a steling engine from 25 kva more or last is welkom 0031685513339

  27. Srinivasa says:

    Dear friends,
    I saw some coments on Infinity turbine ORC technology.
    We did some study and recieved some mails from them also after pposting a mail to them.
    Is it worth trying .Why is it called a scam. Please inform.We are thinking of making solar heat based ORC engine and biomass based ORC engine up to 10 KWe range.
    Is it worth trying or all froud.
    Please mail me at
    Your coments and inputs will help us a lot in making a decision.

    With every good wish.

  28. Martin Froescher says:

    I have a machine shop with two computer lathes, custom pasticvac unit, 2- 2.5 ton forklifts, heliarc and gas welding equipment, steel and pipe stock as well as access to a nearby university’s engineering computer network. I am located in Atlanta, Georgia US.

    If anyone is near my location I would like to speak to them about pooling resources in creating a hacked stirling engine that would run 24/7 on stored heat from solar energy at just below 212F.

    Anyone interested?

  29. Sumit Bhasin says:

    FOR SALE: 25 kw stirling engines

    We would like to offer several barely used 25 kw stirling engine + dish systems at very competitive prices. Please contact us for further details.

    Sumit Bhasin
    W: +1 (888) 244-5820

  30. ali hajiarab says:

    hi ! I have a patent and desin about sterling engin! please conect for me.

  31. Vijayamurugan says:

    Hai guys,
    I am vijaya Murugan.I am lecturer in one the reputed colleges in tamil nadu.I wanted to know about the pricing details of various stirling engines. Is it possible to transport it to India.

  32. M.Alidusti says:

    Hi too all
    I have to buy a lot of stirling engine to trade .
    I want to setup that on factory exhausts.
    Where and how i can buy that?
    Who can help me? please contact me…

  33. tomaz says:

    if somebody is interested to make a breaktrough on Stirling motors, to make a brand new design of this engine, which will make them much cheaper and powerfull, please contact me.

  34. Surapong phatthanaphuti(Paul) says:

    Hi I’m very interest to buy the power unit on the web page showing the one 43 kW(58Hp) how can I get in touch and who I can have a conversation with please let me in business me and friend of mine interest to do open a business in foreigh hopefully business is succeed so we might have a big purchase

  35. Eddy says:

    How much fuel the stirling generators need with 38kw from stirlingbiopwer per hour? Im very interested in that.

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  37. Tung says:

    Hi, we are a Canadian company and looking for stirling engines and generators that produce environmentally friendly electricity and heat. Please contact us at about any new/used products.

  38. António Surrécio says:


    I’m looking for a stirling engine of about 2 HP, but only the motor it self, without electrical components, or feed channel, etc. The objective is the stirling integration in a system I’m developing.

    What is the best equiment nowadays, and mainly, the most cheapest?

  39. David says:

    Looking for a 5 hp – as large as we can get, Stirling Engine. For a Michigan Bible Camp.

  40. Daniel Silveira says:

    We are looking to buy Stirling engine 3 to 5 kW (01x at 1st moment).
    Anyone commercialize Stirling engines with this power range? If so, please provide quotation and engine specifications ( – Daniel Silveira).
    Please consider delivery in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Best regards.

    Daniel Silveira
    Energy Systems Optimization Group, Brazil
    +55 12 9 9633 7737

  41. amar nath says:

    i have 404 dollar and i want creat to 0.5hp stirling engine please tell me which type of piston and component is used in stirling engine(0.5hp). so, i request you to please send me standard value of stirling engine of component for making a 0.5 hp of stirling engine

  42. Gary Peters says:

    I am interested in commercially available 1 kW Portable Sterling Engine Generator using biomass (wood pellets) and 5 hp Stirling Engine.

    Gary Peters

  43. Hello , Could you please let me know upto how much power Stirling engines are in commercial market ?

  44. joseph soliman says:

    I need to buy 3Kw alpha Stirling engine

  45. zuha says:

    sir i wana to get 50 watt to 80 watt output from stirling engine .which requirements are made for buying it or what specifications ?

  46. gian says:

    hello guys i need a gamma stirling engine that can run 600 to 1000 rpm with minimum size. we will be using it as a prime mover for a lawn mower

  47. ram says:

    i am looking for 50 kw stirling engines

  48. Akram Serry says:

    Dear. Admin,

    We work in waste managment and we have high temp incinerators in our site.
    I ask if we can use the output heat from the incinerator to produce electric using stirling engines.
    we need about 150 – 250 kw/hr.
    thanks and waiting your reply.

  49. Gerald Katz says:

    Living off grid 25+ years with solar electric and thermal systems. Backup separate engine generator and tankless water heater. Looking for combined unit. Qnergy has purchased Infinia sterling engine business, Ormat has Rankine low pressure turbine generatoes in several sizes from a few kW offgrid power supplies to multimegawatt waste heat generatig machines for industrial use. Long proven history.

  50. Imdad Ali says:

    sir i wana to get 500 watt to 1000 watt output from stirling engine .which requirements are made for buying it or what specifications ?

  51. Tahu says:

    I need this engine, but middle , from where I can find it?? I dont know 🙁

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