Topic Assortment

Here are some cool topics which high school students can delve into. Unlike other posts where the URLs and information are provided, here the student will need to search for information online to answer the questions for each topic.

1. DC powered air-conditioner by Sharp Corporation

Why is this air conditioner useful when used with photovoltaic solar panels?

2. BioPower Systems wave energy generator

How does this wave energy generator extract energy from waves?

3. Small-scale hydro-electric power in rural areas

How can small-scale hydro-electric power benefit local communities in rural areas?

4. General Electric gearless wind turbines

What are the advantages of gearless wind turbines, and how do they work?

5. University of Sheffield engineers use ultrasonic waves to determine when bearings inside wind turbines fail

What are ultrasonic waves, and how is this technology used to predict bearing failure?

6. The company Heliae uses oval glass tubes to boost algae growth

How does the oval shape of the glass tubes increase algae growth?

7. Thermal hydrolysis system at the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant

What is hydrolysis and how does this plant produce energy?

8. Stanford engineers invent transparent coating to boost solar cell efficiency

How does this coating boost efficiency?

9. London company Bio-Bean converts coffee grounds into heating pellets

How are coffee grounds converted into heating pellets?

10. Researchers at the University of Michigan improve solar cell efficiency using kirigami

How does this technology work?

11. Phase-change energy storage technology developed by the University of South Australia

How does this technology work?

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