In this blog I discuss an assortment of topics related to renewable energy. My intent is to provide resource material related to renewable energy, for use by science teachers in their classrooms, and by anyone else interested in renewable energy.

Where applicable, the content is tailored for the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12.

The Next Generation Science Standards is a key feature of the future of science education in the United States. Real-world science based topics are emphasized in the standards. And it doesn’t get more real-world than renewable energy, which is what the focus of this blog is.

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  1. Fron Reilly says:

    I was looking at your stirling engine. I have designed and built about 10 different stirling engines that worked quite well (and a couple that didn’t). I think your engine would work if you used about 10 or 15 of your heater/regenerator/cooler tubing units in parallel. I think restriction of gas flow is the main problem. You also need to stiffen your engine frame. I am in Guelph. Where are you?

  2. thomas says:

    We are small team working on rotary version of old Stirling. It promisses bigger power and higher RPM, if someone wants to join us, contact us here :

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