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Topic Assortment

Here are some cool topics which high school students can delve into. Unlike other posts where the URLs and information are provided, here the student will need to search for information online to answer the questions for each topic. 1. … Continue reading

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Ultracapacitor Plus Battery Energy Storage Testbed In Ireland

Reference: The ECO report Ultracapacitors are becoming an increasing part of the electrical energy storage solutions available. Unlike batteries, ultracapacitors store electrical energy inside an electric field, whereas batteries store electrical energy chemically. Ultracapacitors cannot store nearly as much energy … Continue reading

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Micro Wind Turbines On Eiffel Tower

Reference: Clean Technica The world famous Eiffel Tower in France recently had two wind turbines installed inside its structure. They are 5.2 meters in height and 3.2 meters in width, and weigh 756 kilograms. At a height 400 feet above … Continue reading

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