Commercial Disclosure

This site is my personal site. It accepts advertising and other forms of compensation, such as affiliate links. This helps me keep the site running. However, such compensation does not influence the quality of information on this site. I strive to be as honest and accurate as I can in the information I present.

“Ads by Google” are not selected by me, so if you see a Google ad and a Web page about the same product or service, it is a coincidence.

Rest assured that the actual content on any sponsored pages are independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship. I make this known in order to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and to keep with the spirit of full disclosure.

One Response to Commercial Disclosure

  1. JAMES PEI says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am promoting commercially manufactured Stirling Engine Co-generators at 25 kw with three types of inputs: sunshine, combustible gases, hot gases.

    The manufacturer is located in China. It is a joint achievement of American and Chinese experts. The company has built a production-line capable of producing 10,000 sets of machines a year.

    Therefore, Stirling engine co-generators are becoming a reality.

    I will keep you posted once I find actual users in the United States and put the machines in running.

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